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About Ankra

Amino Collagen

  • 100% pure marine collagen from wild Icelandic fish
  • Helps maintaining skin elasticity with rare abundance of amino acids
  • Collagen is necessary for conserving the youthfulness of skin
  • Research show decrease in wrinkles with regular consumption
  • Can help reduce joint pain

What is Collagen

Collagen is the main structural protein in our body, accounting for around 30% of the protein content. It is often considered to be the “glue that holds the body together”.
Collagen is found in fibrous tissues such as skin, ligaments and tendons, as well as in the bones, blood vessels, hair and nails. Collagen is vital for strengthening blood vessels and giving skin its elasticity and strength. The degration of collagen causes wrinkles and other skin issues.
Starting around the age of 25, the production of collagen begins to slow down and cell structures start losing their strength. As a result skin starts to become fragile, less elastic and wrinkles set in. In addition hair starts losing its color, joints lose their flexibility and bone quality begins to deteriorate.
Researches have shown that consumption of hydrolyzed collagen can help reduce pain in joints and decrease wrinkles and fine lines.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a developer and manufacturer of natural products made from the richness of the sea, we have a great responsibility to ensure that our natural resources are sustainable. Ankra puts fundamental emphasis on professional integrity and maintains it through every aspect of our business.
Ankra’s goal is to increase the value of icelandic seafood and we develop and market high quality natural products from the sea’s natural resources that are often thrown away such as skin from icelandic fish. We know our impact on the environment, and constantly try to increase positive impact and minimize the negative.

Ankras Policy

Environment: We care greatly about the environment, and pay special attention to it through out our whole value chain, everything from suppliers assessment on reducing waste and greenhouse gas emission to recycling the containers used for our products.
Society: We emphasize on having good impact on social matters, we promote employment and equal remuneration. Customers health and safety is our main goal and we require suppliers assessment on human rights, child labour and forced labour.
Quality: Customer health and safety is our main priority, thus we ensure compliance with all rules and regulations regarding labeling and marketing material on our products.

About Ankra

Ankra was founded in 2013 around the idea of a truly different approach to premium skincare. Located in Reykjavík Iceland, Ankra utilizes pure ingredients originated from the pure ocean surrounding Iceland, not only for outer use but also for intake, for better results.

Ankra’s team consists of three women with a number of complementary fields of competence and experience.

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